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Bond Bear Massacre in the Midst of Falling Yields

The 10-yr Note yield made fresh lows yesterday and the 30-yr Bond yield closed just three basis points above its October 14, 2011 low of 2.69%. Bond bears, some driven by fundamental misconceptions about who is in control of rates in the US and some … Continue reading

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Price Action Lab Alert for Wednesday, May 30, 2012

This alert is about two short signals in a popular ETF for entry at the open of today and exit at the close of today. Share

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Machine Generated DIA Patterns and Trading Systems

The steps are presented here for discovering price patterns in DIA (SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average) historical daily data using the Price Action Lab search function, testing the results in an out-of-sample and then creating a trading system. It is shown that Price Action Lab can identify … Continue reading

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HFT is Not the New Generation of Trading Systems

HFT (High Frequency Trading) is the last stage in the evolution of computerized algo trading, where the last frontier and variable to optimize is execution speed. HFT algorithms do not do anything more sophisticated than what pit traders, market makers … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Former Trading Addict

I had to climb up a steep cliff to get service for my mobile phone. I had several bruises and cuts when I reached the top but full signal strength for my phone. I used quick dial to call my broker to place the order I was … Continue reading

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