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Fooled by Randomness Through Selection Bias

There are software programs for traders that allow combining technical indicators with exit conditions for the purpose of designing systems that fulfill desired performance criteria and risk/reward objectives. In general and due to data-mining bias it is very difficult to differentiate the random systems from those … Continue reading

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Another Major Failure of Chart Pattern Analysis

Another major chart pattern, this time in Russell 2000 Index, has just failed. Chartists are dumbfounded by the failures of even the best of chart patterns recently. Some have come to understand what is happening but some others still resist not realizing … Continue reading

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A Rare Divergence

Signals generated by a Price Action Lab scan as of the close of Wednesday, June 27, 2012, indicate a divergence between SPY and QQQ. This type of divergence is rare and it may mean a few different things with the most … Continue reading

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Common Long Signals in DIA, SPY and QQQ

I call common patterns those that form in one or more securities that belong to a pre-defined group but are profitable in the history of all securities in the group. This special category of patterns may be identified using a unique feature … Continue reading

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Fasten Your Seatbelts

According to my analysis and early signals I received yesterday, we may get a major rebound and a rally of the S&P 500 Index from these levels with a target close to 1,363. This analysis holds unless a major change in fundamentals takes place … Continue reading

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