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It’s All About Winning

He started getting very nervous. He pushed a button on his desk and the sixty flat screens displaying market data just went off. He called his secretary. The 6’5″ tall woman speaking with an accent of Eastern European origin came into the office. … Continue reading

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The Draghi Point

“The Lestrygonians and the Cyclopes, a savage Poseidon you will not encounter, if you do not carry them within your spirit, if your spirit does not place them before you.” (From Ithaca, by C. P. Cavafy).  Share

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SPY Pattern Indicates High Probability for a Continuation of the Rally

As the title indicates, in this blog we are dealing with probabilities and not with any indubitable rules.  In the markets, there are no such rules, at least not any that I know of, and only those who can properly calculate probabilities within … Continue reading

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Massive Money May Start Chasing the Market

Another self-fulfilling prophecy may fail soon and those who “sold in May and went away” may start returning back to the market and chasing it. I warned about this possibility in a post in the beginning of May. The strategy of basically trying to enforce a self-fulfilling … Continue reading

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Market is Maximizing Losses of Weak Hands

Draghi or no Draghi, the market strong hands will always find some excuse to maximize their profits at the expense of weak hands. To those of us who have been around for some time, these verbal interventions sound like an old movie … Continue reading

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An Interesting Pattern in SPY

The pattern in SPY is interesting because in the past it has been profitable in 9 out of a total of 11 major ETFs. This is a 5-day pattern with the close of the first two days above the high of the middle … Continue reading

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