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Fooled by Multiple Comparisons When Developing Systems For Single Securities or Portfolios

The idea that systems developed on historical data of a portfolio of securities have better chance of being non-random as compared to systems that are developed for a single security is based on the assumption that the size of the rule set used in the data-mining … Continue reading

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Price Action Lab Alert for Friday, August 31, 2012

Second full moon in August, Bernanke speech, a day before a long weekend that marks the end of summer. This is a special day and so could be its price action. This alert is about patterns in three Dow-30 stocks. The new portfolio … Continue reading

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What Can Technical Analysis Tell Us About the Future of Gold Prices?

Basically not that much for a medium to longer-term timeframe. This is because the price of gold in the future will depend on several factors some not directly reflected in current price action, simply because they are unknown. Of course, this is true with … Continue reading

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SP500 Correlation with the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index

The 30, 60 and 120 -day rolling correlations of the S&P 500 index with the Shanghai Stock Exchange composite index have been historically low and have ranged all over the place, from positive to negative. Other than during a very short period … Continue reading

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TLT Retraces Exactly 50 Percent but Finds Resistance

The retracement of the TLT drop after the July 26 high of $132.21 down to the August 16 low of $120.52 is currently at a 50% level. Yesterday, TLT made a high just one tick below this important retracement level and … Continue reading

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