255 Premium Articles in 555 Trading Days

We have posted 225 premium articles since April 2, 2015. That’s an article every 2.5 trading days. Yet, our subscription cost has remained low.

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A six month subscription was less than $100 during most of this period and we only recently raised the price to $195.

In our premium articles we focus on unique indicators because we believe that most widely used ones have already been rendered ineffective by the market.

In addition, we always offered as a bonus to our Premium Articles subscribers free access to two online books, Fooled by Technical Analysis: The perils of charting, backtesting and data-mining and  15 Lies About Trading And Investing. Click here for more details. 

For limited time only we offer a $50 discount coupon PA50 towards a six month subscription. This offer will expire this Sunday, June 18, 2017 at midnight.

If you decide to take advantage of this offer make sure you click Apply after entering the discount code in the appropriate box in the registration page.

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