Blog Changes Regarding Articles With Market Analysis

Effective immediately, all articles in this blog with market analysis will be for premium subscribers only. This change comes after seven years of providing free content. Note that this blog does not display any ads to monetize content.

I started this blog in October 2010 and since I have published numerous free articles with market analysis. While other blogs monetize content with ads, I have decided against this approach because I wanted to avoid the pressure of click-bait. This pressure is evident in many financial blogs and the result is often low quality analysis and click-bait titles to attract traffic.

As the quality of market analysis plummets due to several factors including newcomers with limited or no market experience but with flashy websites and occasionally with a willingness to plagiarize content and twist it around to make it look like original, there are basically two choices left: (a) shut the blog down, (b) continue with premium analysis only. I have chosen the latter because I like what I do and since I do not depend on ad revenue I have the freedom of focusing on quality analysis. Note that this blog is mainly financed by sales of DLPAL software and also from premium subscription revenue.

Most articles about trading strategy performance will allow free access but all articles about the markets will be premium from now on.  With this I hope to reduce the blog traffic down to a group of subscribers that feel the analysis is worth their time and fee charged.  As a bonus, this will stop feeding free ideas the plagiarists with the fake Twitter follower counts and paid engagements.

Finally, I would like to thank all those other bloggers who have recommended my articles over the years.

Thanks for following,

Michael Harris

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