Do Not Follow The System [Premium Articles]

The meme out there is to "follow the system". But you should follow a system as long as the underline market conditions that have contributed to its profitability persist. If not, you abandon it as quick as you can.

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2 Responses to Do Not Follow The System [Premium Articles]

  1. Drew Wells says:

    Could you please comment on the ADAP and ETF4R systems in the context of this article. I assume they avoid the flaws in development you describe above, that market conditions have not yet undermined them and that you will notify your subscribers if and when they do, but I would prefer you address these issues directly rather than rely on my assumptions.

    • Hello Drew, this is good question. All strategies implicitly assume certain market conditions. This is also true with our strategies. If we determine that these conditions are no longer valid we will terminate the strategies. As things stand at this point we believe that the ETF4R strategy is better positioned than the ADAPT strategy for current market condition. Thanks

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