FAANG: DLPAL LS Long/Short Vs. Golden Cross Long or Short

We compare the results of two strategies for FAANG stocks, a long/short based on features engineered by DLPAL LS software and a long or short based on the 50/200 moving average cross.

The long/short equity strategy for FAANG stocks based on DLPAL LS features was described in this article. The strategy based on the golden cross holds up to 5 stocks, each long or short, depending on whether the 50 day moving average is above or below the 200-day moving average. Below are the equity curves, the one on the left is the DLPAL LS long/short and the one on the right the golden cross strategy.​


Strategy performance (01/04/2016 – 03/09/2018) Included $0.01 per share commission.

Parameter DLPAL SL 50/200 cross Buy and hold* 
Return 54.8% 72% 111.6%
Max. DD -11.6% -12.5% -13.61%
Sharpe 0.83 1.71 2.14
MAR 1.83 2.30 3.03
Trades 182 14 4
2016 19.2% -4.7% 11.8%
2017 16.2% 44.5% 49.2%
2018 YTD 9.6% 26.0% 26.7%

* Based on equal allocation of 20% at start of the backtest period. There is no rebalancing.

It may be seen that the DLPAL LS strategy returned 19.2% in 2016 but the golden cross strategy return was -4.7%. The buy and hold was less than DLPAL LS at 11.8%.

In hindsight, the choice of the strategy depends on objectives. For individual traders the golden cross strategy is more appealing with a higher return than the DLPAL strategy but probably for hedge funds managers avoiding a negative year is preferable to higher returns. Note that the golden cross is not long/short but long and short depending on market conditions and risks are higher because all open positions may be aligned before a market reversal. This is not the case with the DLPAL LS strategy that holds two long and two short stocks at any given time.

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