Free Book and Blog Offers

We are pleased to announce a free download of the book “Profitability and Systematic Trading” and a special offer for premium content.

Free book

“Profitability and Systematic Trading” is an introductory book to trading, risk and trading strategy development. It was first published in 2008. We have made an effort to remove as much outdated material as possible from the original book, mainly including examples of codes and strategies. The free download can be found under Free Book in our Trader Education section.

Blog offer

Use coupon P25 for a 25% discount applied to all premium subscriptions:

  • Two online books
  • Premium Articles
  • Market Signals (includes Premium Articles the two online book)
  • Ultimate Premium (includes all premium content)

Click here for the subscription options and do not forget to use P25 for the discount when you register. Enter the code in the box “Discount code” and then hit “Apply” to get the discount. This offer will expire Sunday, May 20, 2018 at midnight.


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