About Technical Analysis

Please note that any technical analysis that appears on this website follows rules that are subjective and based on personal experience. The technical analysis on this website does not follow any specific methodology or rules developed by other technical analysts or book authors although at times it may happen that my conception of what constitutes a valid chart pattern, like for example a double top, head and shoulders or triangle, may coincide with that of others. Often I may use reference material to decide whether a specific formation is a valid pattern. If you do not agree with this approach to technical analysis, or with the material posted on this website, and you prefer strict adherence to some specific method(s) or book(s) I have no objections you doing that with your own analysis as this subject is far from a formal science. I will not reply to any emails sent to me with the objective of trying to convince me that my analysis is wrong because it does not follow the guidelines or rules set by some other author(s) or analyst(s) simply because I have no time arguing about subjective interpretations of charts.

Also please note that the author of this blog is not a financial advisor and does not recommend the purchase of any security or advise on the suitability of any trade or investment in any timeframe. ETF, stock, futures, forex and options trading and investing involves substantial financial risks and can result in total loss of capital. If investment or other professional advice is required, a licensed professional should be consulted. Click here for a disclaimer.