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More Than 40% Of SPY ETF Total Return Since inception Due To Dividend Reinvestment

About 42% of SPY ETF total return since inception on January 29, 1993, is due to dividend reinvestment. This has important ramifications: (a) Stock market is nowhere near a bubble state, (b) if you do not reinvest dividends, then all … Continue reading

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Three White Soldiers

The three white soldiers is a candlestick pattern that has formed in SPY ETF and it is classified as a bullish formation. But does this pattern have any predictive power?

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Derivatives of Derivatives of Derivatives And The Modern Alchemists

The difference between the old alchemists and the modern financial alchemists is that actions of the latter group endanger the stability of an already fragile financial system.

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Despite The Assumed Causes Stock Market Correction Still Within Normal Bounds

After a long period of low volatility a correction feels like a crash but at this point it is within normal bounds.

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The End Of Short Volatility Trade

Spectacular drawdown levels in some popular volatility ETNs vindicate analysts who warned about the perils of the short volatility trade.

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