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iFuel Courtesy of Apple

Apple does not only make good products but also provides the (i)fuel for the market when it is most needed. High earnings, an unusual 7-for-1 split and a generous buyback program will probably reward Apple with a place in Dow Jones Industrial … Continue reading

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QQQ: Exceptionally Strong Resistance Ahead

The Nasdaq-100 ETF is facing exceptionally strong resistance near $88.50. This type of resistance will be very difficult for QQQ to overcome without support form very positive fundamental news. Otherwise, a short-term reversal is highly probable. Share

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The RSI Spread Indicator in SPY Reaffirms Previous Long Signal

The RSI spread indicator in SPY is at -19.40 as of the close of yesterday. For a 5% profit-target and stop-loss for long positions the positive bias is large and significant. Share

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Where is the Stock Market Correction?

It seems like there were some persistent attempts recently to convince investors that the stock market was due for a large correction and that came in the form of a bombardment of articles by the financial media, the most optimistic calling for a decline of 10%. Investors did not … Continue reading

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Old Economy Vs. New Economy

Some sectors of the market are making all-time highs and some others, related to tech primarily, are in a correction mode. The market as a whole refuses to be pulled down by technology. Does this mark a permanent return to old economy … Continue reading

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SPY: After a Dance with Fibonacci the Real Test is Coming

After getting trapped for two days inside a channel defined by the 38.2% and 50% Fibonacci retracement levels of the rally that started last February, SPY is now getting ready to face the challenge: Resumption of the uptrend or start of a downtrend? If you … Continue reading

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Passive Investing Fables

It is about time to update the results of an article I wrote about a year ago about passive investing strategies. Usually, a couple of years after a market bottom and while on a strong uptrend, old arguments resurface about the superiority of … Continue reading

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This Uptrend Has Not Been an Easy Ride

Despite popular claims of  easy stock market gains for greedy investors fueled by free FED money, the last uptrend in stocks has been a rough ride with larger drawdowns from peaks and higher volatility when compared to the last three major past uptrends. Share

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