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Gold Falls Like A Rock After BlackRock’s Bullish Call

Last week there was an article in BlackRock blog about golden days for gold. Gold has fallen 4.2% since straight down. This adds to a long list of faded calls by the market.

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Impact Of Volatility On Market Returns

The negative impact of volatility on market returns is well-known to quantitative traders but maybe not well understood by investors.

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Momentum And Chart Traders Clash Over Market Direction

Chartists see an ominous top formation in SPY but momentum traders rely on a recent bullish golden cross. Is there any way to know who is right and who is wrong?

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The “Soros Put” Story

The “Soros put” story is repeated in the financial media every year in the last four years. Investors and traders should not pay attention to these stories. Soros does his homework well and investors and traders should do theirs.

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Generating Trading Signals From Strategies Developed With Price Action Lab

In this article we outline a procedure for generating trading signals from strategies developed with Price Action Lab. This is a basic methodology for strategies in the daily timeframe and it makes use of the system tracking capability of the … Continue reading

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There Is No Head And Shoulders Pattern in SPY

There are many posts in the blogosphere and social media in the last few days about a head and shoulders top formation in SPY. There is no such pattern formation.

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Probability Of Bear Market

This indicator estimates the probability of a bear market starting, continuing or ending. It has signaled the tops with high accuracy in the last 20 years. This indicator is based on textbook probability theory.

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