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The Kim Pattern

Kim pattern was completed. What is next?

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CAGR Illusions

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a useful but often misleading metric, especially when calculation periods are chosen purposely by sales and marketing people. Below is an introduction to CAGR, an example that shows how ambiguity arises and how … Continue reading

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Hedge Funds Have Done Well Despite Negative Publicity

One reason some people think hedge funds have not done well since 2009 is because the qualitative easing-induced rally in equities started after a 55% drawdown while hedge funds as a group did not fall that much. Those that do … Continue reading

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Markets Are Algo-Event Driven

Two days ago, equity markets worldwide were spooked by Italian political turmoil and possibility of a euroskeptic government that will drive Italy out of euro. The S&P 500 fell 1.2%. Next day, according to financial media, the market rallied 1.3% … Continue reading

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Stock Picking With Chart Analysis is 80s

Stock picking dominated Wall Street when there were no other products available to traders and investors except individual stocks. Picking stocks using fundamental analysis is a complex process that requires substantial knowledge and effort but using chart analysis to select … Continue reading

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