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Announcing The Release of DLPAL S v2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of DLPAL S v2.0. This new version includes a few enhancements and a fully updated manual.

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An Important Stock Market Chart

Most technical analysis indicators are used in forecasting price action but provide little information about the dynamics that drive it. The indicator in the chart below is unique because it offers a different perspective about stock market action.

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Crack In The bull Market No 79

This new meme that emerged last week confirms my view that many try to rationalize price action in the context of their expectations and that most of technical analysis is thinking in words.

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The Small Cap Bubble

The Russell 2000 index reached new highs but price action is confined in a slowly rising channel in past six months. The trailing 12-month P/E ratio of the index is at 82. The top 20 holdings of the IWM ETF … Continue reading

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Cryptocurrencies and Hyperinflation

The biggest danger of the cryptocurrency bubble is not speculator losses but hyperinflation. As the value of virtual currencies increases and they gain acceptance in commerce, the danger of hyperinflation that will damage economies worldwide is also increasing.

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How Risky Is The 60/40 Portfolio?

The correlation between the 60/40 strategic allocation and the equity market in the last 30 years is close to 0.9. Actually, portfolio risk, as measured by maximum drawdown, has only been low during strong equity market uptrends.

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