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Bitcoin Serves A Purpose

Some think that bitcoin is a currency. Others believe bitcoin is a digital security or commodity. In my opinion bitcoin is a gambler’s dream come true. Most of those who trade it have no idea of what they are getting … Continue reading

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Blog Changes Regarding Articles With Market Analysis

Effective immediately, all articles in this blog with market analysis will be for premium subscribers only. This change comes after seven years of providing free content. Note that this blog does not display any ads to monetize content.

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S&P 500 – VIX Correlation And Selection Bias

An interesting article in Zero Hedge yesterday referred to a positive correlation between S&P 500 and VIX and pointed to several instances in the past when this signaled a major top or a large correction. Does this pattern have any … Continue reading

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Short Volatility Strategy With Contango Filter

This article shows an example of a short volatility strategy developed with DLPAL S. The strategy incorporates a contango filter and is validated on strictly positively correlated securities.

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What Price Action Cannot Tell You

Price action cannot say much about many important issues that are of concern to investors and traders although some mistakenly think it can.

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The Roller Coaster Of Technology Investing

Despite recent highs in selected technology stocks and high returns for the year, investing in this sector has been a roller coaster. The 42 bitcoin question.

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