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Trading and Investing Success Equation

Many traders and investors fail because they are either in a hurry to become rich or underestimate the amount of work needed to achieve their goals. Others fall victims of get rich quick schemes. Success comes by working hard and … Continue reading

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Performance of Eight SPY Trend-following Strategies in 2018

Trend-following is not one particular strategy but an array of strategies with often divergent performance. In this article we list 2018 performance results for eight popular trend-following strategies applied to SPY.

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Volatility Good For Traders Under Certain Conditions

A popular meme in financial media is that “volatility is good for traders.” But the truth is  different; volatility is good for traders under certain conditions, otherwise it can even be detrimental to performance.

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Wrong Investment Advice Worse than Random Trading Tips

Offering the wrong investment advice to the public to invest their hard-earned money is much worse than providing random trading tips to market speculators. The impact of wrong decisions on the former group can be devastating especially near retirement age.

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Interview with Legendary Investor Felix Grandluckmeister

Price Action Lab spoke with legendary investor Felix Grandluckmeister on his secrets of success.  Felix Grandluckmeister ‘s fund, RNDTrading, has had only 6 down quarters in the last 31 years, which is considered unique performance.

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