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The fundbusters team includes your familiar quant blogger, your local college professor and everyone else who can identify an edge and publish the results in a journal or in the blogosphere. As fundbusters keep on getting satisfaction from publishing edges rather than from using … Continue reading

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All That Information Will Get You At The End

The issue is no longer filtering junk and concentrating only on reliable sources of information. The notion of a reliable source of information is questionable at this point. You can never know the ultimate source of the information you receive especially about … Continue reading

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Reliable Souces of Technical and Fundamental Information

Just because you found a website that looks good and uses some buzzwords that does not mean it is a reliable source of technical and/or fundamental information you can rely on to make trading and/or investment decisions. Those who take for … Continue reading

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The Transfer of Wealth Path

Wall Street can be thought of as a wealth transferring mechanism. For example, investors transfer wealth to entrepreneurs in exchange for future returns. Hedgers transfer wealth to speculators in exchange for lower risk. But at the same time, uninformed speculators transfer wealth … Continue reading

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Do you have the time to answer comments posted in your blog? If not, just turn them off

I do not have the time for that. Comment sections in market analysis websites can help increase advertising revenue but also increase maintenance periods and the risk of the blog getting infected with viruses and spyware transmitted through spam links. Share

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