Our offerings

We offer a Premium Article subscription service, trading strategies and software for retail traders, investors and hedge funds. We also offer consulting services to professional traders and hedge funds.

Retail traders

We offer mean-reversion signals for SPY (or UPRO for leverage) and soon volatility signals for related ETFs. We offer only the signals, not the strategy code. The signals are for informational purposes only.

Retail traders can also get a license of DLPAL S for developing price action strategies or DLPAL DQ for scanning EOD data for price action anomalies.


We offer medium to longer-term signals generated by two proprietary strategies. The strategies are not for sale to investors and the signals are for informational purposes only.

Hedge funds

We offer a variety institutional grade trading strategies, trading signals and software for use by hedge funds. The strategies are fully disclosed subject to non-disclosure agreement.

Our DLPAL LS software calculates directional probabilities and engineers features for use with fixed and machine learning models.


We also offer custom strategy development services and analysis to professional traders and hedge funds. Contact us for more details.