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Our work on new trading strategies. It includes a list of selected free and premium articles.

Trading strategies

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Three Mean Reversion Strategies
Trading Multiple Strategies
Performance Of the PSI5 Mean-Reversion Strategy


For Hedge Funds

Fluxionization Trading Strategy
Long/Short Equity Strategy
Portfolio Level Mean-Reversion
Diversification via Forex
Market Neutral Long/Short Equity Strategy
Institutional grade mean-reversion

More strategies for hedge funds

Portfolio allocation and market timing

Comparison Of Two Strategic Portfolio Allocations
The 60/40 Passive Allocation
Portfolio Performance in 2016
Trading Vs. Investing
Investing in European Stocks is a Forex Bet
Forex As An Asset Class
How Risky Is The 60/40 Portfolio?

Long-Only Equity Strategy Benchmark
Tactical Investing Conundrum
International vs. U.S. Stocks
Passive Investing Is An Over-Fitted Strategy
No Free Lunch In Portfolio Allocation
EMH Vindication And Why Diversification Is Placebo Effect
Hedge Funds Have Done Well

Papers and Interviews

Limitations of Quantitative Claims About Trading Strategy Evaluation
Forbes Interview

Selected Articles
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Short-term Trading With Price Patterns (out-of-print)
Stock Trading Techniques With Price Patterns (out-of-print)
Profitability and Systematic Trading (Out-of-print)
Fooled by Technical Analysis
15 Lies About Trading And Investing


Selected articles about trading strategy development and machine learning in

Selected articles  published in Seeking Alpha

The Ambiguous VIX: A Fear Gauge Or A Contrarian Indicator
The Managed Futures Dilemma
PIMCO’s Old And New Bets: Should You Replace Treasuries With Munis?
No Signs Of A Bond Bear Market For Now
Fundamental Factors That Can Drive U.S. Bond Yields Lower
The Perils Of Using Moving Averages In Asset Allocation Models
The Efficient Market Hypothesis May Be Gaining Ground
Evidence-Based Analysis Of Commodity Trading Advisor Performance
An Explanation Of The Persistence Of The Momentum Anomaly
Dividends And Stock Market Returns
Outperforming Buy And Hold Does Not Prove Skill
Naive Portfolio Allocation Schemes
Market Timing And Gambling
2 Portfolio Allocations For Conservative Investors
An Example Of How Data-Mining Bias Plagues Fund Management
Diminishing Stock Returns And The Unavoidable Bear Market
Investing In European Stocks Is A Forex Bet
The 60/40 Portfolio Is A Risky Investment
Portfolio Allocation Is No Free Lunch

Older articles in trading magazines

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“Trend Following Strategies Based on Short-Term Price Patterns”, Traders’ Magazine, June 2006

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