Our work on new indicators and disclosed trading systems. It includes a list of selected free and premium articles.

New indicators

Bear Market Probability
Harris’ RSI
Gambler’s Fallacy
Probability State
N-Bar Win rate
Rolling expectancy
Expectation in Price Action

Price Action Anomalies

Bond anomaly

Trading systems

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Three Mean Reversion Strategies
Trading Multiple Strategies

For Hedge Funds

Fluxionization Trading Strategy
Long/Short Equity Strategy
Portfolio Level Mean-Reversion
Diversification via Forex

Portfolio allocation

Comparison Of Two Strategic Portfolio Allocations
The 60/40 Passive Allocation
Portfolio Performance in 2016
Trading Vs. Investing
Investing in European Stocks is a Forex Bet
Forex As An Asset Class
How Risky Is The 60/40 Portfolio?

Selected papers, Articles, Interviews

Limitations of Quantitative Claims About Trading Strategy Evaluation
An Interview With Michael Harris

Selected Articles
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Michael Harris and his support group with excellent understanding of the markets and advanced quant skills are available for remote consulting in the following areas:

  • Trading strategy development and analysis
  • Asset allocation and portfolio evaluation
  • Trading risk management

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