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Important: If you use anti-spam measures make sure you can receive e-mail messages from Gmail and Googlemail users make sure that you can receive email messages from us. Note that some webemail services may confuse our email response for spam and may direct it to a spam folder. If you do not receive an email response from us within 48 hours it may be a good idea to check your spam folder.

Note: We will not reply to emails with requests for: advice regarding broker services or trading system development in general, indicators or trading systems, an exchange of links, or comments about articles, books or software published by third parties

General information

Contact email: pal – at – Replace ” – at – ” with the symbol @ in the email addressees listed in the table below. Do not leave any blank spaces.

Technical support

An email address for technical support is provided to registered customers only. Technical support by email can answer questions regarding program installation and assist registered customers in understanding and using its functions, like for instance setting up workspaces, using the data file conversion utilities, adding strategies to system tracking, etc. Technical support cannot and will not answer questions regarding best values of search/scan parameters, appropriate timeframes or markets to trade, comment on system performance figures, or answer any other questions not directly related to the program operation but having to do with common trading system developing issues.

Office hours: 9:30 am to 4:00 PM (EST), Monday through Friday.

Technical support is only available via email.

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