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Contact email: pal – at – Replace ” – at – ” with the symbol @ in the email addressees listed in the table below. Do not leave any blank spaces.

Technical support

New! DLPAL support videos.

Before using DLPAL to develop trading strategies please note:

DLPAL has the potential of identifying strategies in a data sample, normally the in sample, that fulfill the user defined criteria. These are actual price action strategies with no parameters other than the exit levels and are not arbitrarily and randomly configured by the program. Whether these strategies will continue to be profitable in an out/forward sample depends on a host of parameters that must be taken into account by the program user.

For example, if the strategy generates long-only (short-only) trades during an uptrend (downtrend) in the in sample but in the out/forward sample there is downtrend (uptrend)/whipsaw then most long (short) strategies will fail naturally. Therefore, a good mix of long/short trades is needed and this requires among other things selection of proper parameters including sufficient history in the in sample that covers a wide variety of market conditions. If not enough history is available in the in sample, then the whole history may be used and then by changing symbols (Change File Name option) a test can be performed on different markets for validation. This is an alternative validation test but it is naturally stricter than out of sample tests.

It’s also better to check “No multiple positions” to start with in Test Patterns function when testing strategies. In general, it is better to generate code and backtest in a backtesting platform for more details.

Click here for compatible data sources.

For technical support look for answers to your questions in the FAQ section and in the program manual. If you cannot find answers to your questions you can contact us by email. We provide support during regular business hours and most questions are answered during same day they are received. Note that we cannot provide extensive support for free fully functional trials due to practical constraints. At times payment of an optional support fee may be requested from DLPAL S free trial users to cover operational expenses.

Tips for a quick start can be found in the introduction section of the manual. Articles with examples can be found in the blog.

The manual includes detailed instructions on how to set up workspaces for all function of the program, analyze results, convert files and create data partitions, among many other details.

Office hours:   9:30 am to 4:00 PM (EST), Monday through  Friday.

support is only available via email


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