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Quant traders use mathematical models to develop strategies for trading the markets. Backtesting is an integral part of the process along with statistical analysis in an effort to determine the significance of the developed strategies. More information can be found in the book,”Fooled By Technical Analysis“.

Brief introduction to all versions: DLPAL Software: What You Can Do With It

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Articles with analysis using DLPAL software. 

DLPAL S articles

High Accuracy Predictions Are Not Always Profitable
Strategy Validation Without Out-Of-Sample Testing
ETF Portfolio Trading with DLPAL S
Unleashing the Power of DLPAL S Price Action Anomaly Detection
Robustness Testing of Data Mining Process
Walk Forward Strategy Development
Free DLPAL Friday, July 13, 2018
Using DLPAL S to Discover Volume Patterns
Deep Search Add-on For DLPAL S
Out-Of-Sample Performance Variations
Using Portfolio Backtests To Reduce Selection Bias
Validating DLPAL S Trading Strategies On Comparable Securities
Short Volatility Strategy With Contango Filter

Developing A Trading Strategy For TLT ETF
Fully Functional Trial Of DLPAL S

Announcing The Release of DLPAL S v2.0
Another DLPAL Volatility Strategy
Volatility Trading Strategy
Trading Strategy For Bitcoin
Announcing DLPAL S: Quantitative Trading For All
DLPAL Strategy For GLD With Validation in TLT and SPY
DLPAL Strategy For Trading EURUSD With Backward Validation

Adjusted Vs. Unadjusted Data In Trading Strategy Development

DLPAL DQ articles

Another Successful Multiple Signal Validation
Dealing with Conflicting Market Signals
Running DLPAL Multiple Instances
Announcing the Release of DLPAL DQ v5
Gain 1% from Open to Close on a Down Market Day
DLPAL DQ Signals
Announcing The Release of DLPAL DQ v4
Detecting Anomalous Price Action in Daily Timeframe
DLPAL DQ 3 in 3

Analyzing Price Action With DLPAL DQ
DLPAL DQ Identifies a Winner on a Down Stock Market Day
Accounting For Same Day Target Hits
A Good Day For Quant Trading and DLPAL DQ
Announcing The Release of DLPAL DQ v3.0

Resolving Conflicts In DLPAL DQ Results
Announcing The Release of DLPAL DQ v2.5
Dealing With The Infinite Possibilities Of Price Action
Two DLPAL DQ Signals Are Better Than One

Calculating Next Day Returns in DLPAL DQ Results
DLPAL DQ 3 in 3 With $QVCA
DLPAL DQ Identifies Largest Winner and Loser
DLPAL DQ Multiple Long Signals In $BA
DLPAL DQ Long Signal In $ROST
Long/Short Trading of Dow 30 Stocks with DLPAL DQ
Announcing DLPAL DQ: A Scanner For Quantitative Trading

DLPAL LS Articles

Low Risk Equity Long/short
Combining Results of DLPAL LS and DLPAL DQ
Performance of DLPAL LS Features in 2018
A Novel Strategy
Three Long/Short Equity Strategies
Announcing The Release Of DLPAL LS v3.0
Long/Short FAANG Strategy In Weekly Timeframe
Market Neutral Long/Short Needs Few Stocks That Buck The Trend
Market Neutral Long/Short Equity Example
Market Neutral Long/Short Equity Strategies In High Demand
DLPAL LS Conservative Versus Normal Cluster

Stock Market Directional Bias Reversal
Feature Engineering With DLPAL LS
Long/Short Strategy For Dow 30 Stocks In Weekly Timeframe
Evaluation Of New DLPAL Clusters For Feature Generation
Announcing The Release Of DLPAL LS v2.0
Strategy Development And Execution With DLPAL LS
Market Neutral Long/Short Equity Strategy
Announcing The Release of DLPAL LS

All versions

DLPAL Version Concert

DLPAL PRO articles  (combined DLPAL S, DLPAL DQ and DLPAL LS)

Feature Engineering For Long/Short Forex Strategy
Developing Portfolio Trading Strategies With DLPAL
Forecasting Weekly Market Returns With DLPAL PRO
Developing Forex Trading Strategies With DLPAL
Long/Short Equity Strategy Development With DLPAL
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Six
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Five
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Four
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Three
Trading Strategy Development with DLPAL: Part Two
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part One
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part Five
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO (And R): Part Four
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part Three
Announcing The Release Of DLPAL PRO v2.0
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part Two
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part One

Announcing The Release of DLPAL PRO

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Important academic papers

A large database of academic research about trading strategies is available at QUANTPEDIA for free and premium access.

None of the information contained in the above articles or resources constitutes a recommendation that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. Dsclaimer.

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