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Quant traders use mathematical models to develop strategies for trading the markets. Backtesting is an integral part of the process along with statistical analysis in an effort to determine the significance of the developed strategies. More information can be found in the book,”Fooled By Technical Analysis“.

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Articles with analysis using DLPAL software. Click here to download a demo.

DLPAL S articles

Announcing The Release of DLPAL S v2.0
Another DLPAL Volatility Strategy
Volatility Trading Strategy
Trading Strategy For Bitcoin
Announcing DLPAL S: Quantitative Trading For All
DLPAL Strategy For GLD With Validation in TLT and SPY
DLPAL Strategy For Trading EURUSD With Backward Validation

DLPAL PRO articles

Feature Engineering For Long/Short Forex Strategy
Feature Engineering With DLPAL
Developing Portfolio Trading Strategies With DLPAL
Forecasting Weekly Market Returns With DLPAL PRO
Developing Forex Trading Strategies With DLPAL
Long/Short Equity Strategy Development With DLPAL
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Six
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Five
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Four
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part Three
Trading Strategy Development with DLPAL: Part Two
Trading Strategy Development With DLPAL: Part One
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part Five
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO (And R): Part Four
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part Three
Announcing The Release Of DLPAL PRO v2.0
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part Two
Machine Learning With DLPAL PRO: Part One
Deep Learning Setup For Dow-30 Stocks
Announcing The Release of DLPAL PRO

Articles with analysis using Price Action Lab software.

  1. Profiting From Random Strategies
  2. Automatic Code Generation For Quantopian Platform
  3. Variations In Results From Different Backtesting Platforms
  4. Best Lookback Period in Position Trading With Price Patterns
  5. Discovering Volume and Indicator Patterns With Price Action Lab
  6. Forward Performance Of Two Machine-Designed Trading Algos
  7. Quantitative Trading Software
  8. Open Vs. Close Predictors in Strategy Synthesis
  9. Developing A Trading Strategy For FANG stocks
  10. P-indicator
  11. Deterministic Machine Design of Trading Systems With Strict Cross-Validation
  12. Procedure For Generating And Validating Price Action Lab Scan Results
  13. Data-mining And Validating Thousands Of Potential Price Anomalies
  14. Procedure For Generating P-Dow Indicator Results
  15. The Fundamental Problem of Backtesting
  16. Machine Generated SPY Patterns and Trading Systems
  17. Dealing With the Small Samples of Technical Analysis
  18. Quantitative Discretionary Trading: Back to the Future
  19. Generating Trading Signals From Strategies Developed With Price Action Lab
  20. Taking Advantage of Multiple CPU Cores
  21. Selection and Data Mining Bias in Trading System Development

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