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Sample of Market Signals

Premium signals are generated by ADAPT, an adaptive long/short trend-following strategy, and ETF4R, a long-only ETF rotation strategy. Alerts are issued after the close of each month or when there are new entry or exit signals. Subscribers should not expect frequent signals as these are longer-term trading strategies.

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Market Signals Update – July 2016

Market signals update as of the close of Thursday, June 30, 2016. The ETF4R system gained 7.92% in June with YTD return of 15.55%. The ADAPT system stayed flat in June with YTD return of -3.2%.

Summary of positions

  • The ETF4R system remains invested in GLD and TLT in July 2016
  • The ADAPT system was flat as of the close of Thursday, June 30, 2016

There are no new signals. The year-to-date return of the ETF4R system increased significantly due to gains in GLD and TLT of 9% and 6.9%, respectively. The ADAPT system stayed flat.

System Position Ticker Date Price Pos*
ETF4R Long TLT 05/02/2016 128.66 50%
ETF4R Long GLD 02/01/2016 107.54 50%

*Pos is the position size based on capital allocation. Price is the actual entry price (not adjusted for dividends.) Date is the entry date. The entry is always at the open of the entry date. Commissions of $0.01/share are included in all performance calculations.

Year-to-date return of the ETF4R system is 15.55% (adjusted for dividends and commissions.)


Year-to-date return of the ADAPT system is -3.7%, adjusted for commissions ( -3.2% when also adjusted for dividends.)


Note that market signals updates are posted at the end of each month or when the ADAPT system generates a new signal. Click here for more details.

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