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They First Got Into GOOG and Then Dumped AAPL

One of the most lucrative trades this year so far has been long GOOG and short AAPL. For equal allocation it has returned more than 36% in less that 2 months to those who have shaken out weak hands in AAPL hoping for a target … Continue reading

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Once in Sync Now in Different Paths

The 120-day rolling correlation between GOOG and AAPL reached a high of +0.76 in the first week of January 2012. Since then it has been on a free fall and currently at +0.27. Once in sync, now in different paths. … Continue reading

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The Countdown for the Privatization of Apple Inc. May Have Just Begun

It may take a few years but eventually Apple Inc. may become a private company. Apple has a lot of cash, no debt and it is 68% owned by institutions. Those who will own Apple in the future will become major players in … Continue reading

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The Times of High Returns in Holding AAPL Are Over

The 250-day rolling arithmetic return graph for AAPL since 01/2009 shows that high returns by investors buying and holding AAPL for a year were realized only during late 2009 and early 2010. Currently, there is a rush to secure returns by … Continue reading

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One More Subtle Technical Reason for AAPL Getting a Further Boost

There have been times in the recent past when AAPL was very tightly correlated to QQQ and as a result an investor could use the NASDAQ 100 ETF to benefit both from a rise in AAPL and from diversified risk. The correlation between the two reached … Continue reading

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