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Apple Earnings a Major Driver of Market Price Action

We look at Apple (AAPL) earnings per share (EPS) since 2014 and focus on events where they exceed consensus by more than 10 cents. The results point to a possible correlation between these events and significant moves in the stock … Continue reading

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Apple Stock Returns Since 2006 Exclusively Due to Overnight Changes

Since 2006 the compound annualized return of Apple stock is 27.36% with regular trading hours having a negative contribution. This price action anomaly vanished in 2016 but the reasons it worked for nearly 10 years are still not clear.

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Equity Valuation Is Dead

Many analysts still struggle with equity valuations. This is an exercise in futility in this new era of investors looking for a “store of value.”

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Game Is Rigged

Some traders and investors complain in social media that the game is rigged. This is true but it can work to their advantage.

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Ignore Any Island Reversal Noise

The island reversal chart pattern should be totally ignored by investors but it is also an unreliable signal for short-term traders unless combined with other indicators. I include examples from a recent formation in NVDA and an older one in … Continue reading

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