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Game Is Rigged

Some traders and investors complain in social media that the game is rigged. This is true but it can work to their advantage.

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Ignore Any Island Reversal Noise

The island reversal chart pattern should be totally ignored by investors but it is also an unreliable signal for short-term traders unless combined with other indicators. I include examples from a recent formation in NVDA and an older one in … Continue reading

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Diminishing Stock Returns And The Unavoidable Bear Market

As equity valuations reach high levels, returns decrease. Despite spectacular trends in some stocks, returns are nowhere near levels achieved when prices and valuations were lower. Many analysts overlook this effect but its impact is significant because it creates conditions … Continue reading

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AAPL: Exposing Wall Street Games

The bulk of the gains in AAPL in the last six years have been realized by holding the stock on Mondays. This is a remarkable market anomaly that should not be present in the highest capitalization stock of the U.S. … Continue reading

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US Companies Hoarding Overseas 70% of Quantitative Easing

US companies are hording more than $2.5 trillion in cash in overseas accounts. This is about 70% of the quantitative easing between 2008 and 2014.

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