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Wrong Investment Advice Worse than Random Trading Tips

Offering the wrong investment advice to the public to invest their hard-earned money is much worse than providing random trading tips to market speculators. The impact of wrong decisions on the former group can be devastating especially near retirement age.

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Red Flag: Technical Analysis In Bonds And Yields

Technical analysis in bond and yield charts is a red flag since those markets are driven by fundamentals in the longer-term and not by technicals. Below is an example of a failure that caused substantial losses to chart traders but … Continue reading

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Trendline Zoo And Four Failures in 10-Year Note Yield Chart

The 10-Year Note Yield is again in the news due to expectation of higher rates. Here is an account of the four failures and their impact. Will yields rise?

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The Stock Market Is For Speculation, Not an Income Source

Everyone in financial media is now talking about Vanguard and how it controls more than 80% of the money invested in index funds. Have investors forgotten the recent brutality of the stock market or are they just convinced that another … Continue reading

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A Significant Anomaly in Bonds [Premium Articles]

Since the inception of TLT, a little less than 50% of the buy and hold gains have occurred on Fridays and that increases to nearly 100% after 2011. This calendar effect is a significant anomaly and shows that markets are … Continue reading

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