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Weekly Strategy Performance Recap – June 8, 2018

Performance results of six systematic strategies as of close of June 8, 2018.

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Dot Com To the Power of n

Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and related derivatives are a potential dot com to the power of n bubble. The risk of economic collapse due to this market is real but underestimated.

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Bitcoin Exponential Chart Illusion [Premium Articles]

The bitcoin chart shows an exponential rise and that may cause certain illusions. For access to premium content, you must be a subscriber. Please login if you are already a subscriber or subscribe to continue reading…

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Bitcoin Serves A Purpose

Some think that bitcoin is a currency. Others believe bitcoin is a digital security or commodity. In my opinion bitcoin is a gambler’s dream come true. Most of those who trade it have no idea of what they are getting … Continue reading

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Cryptocurrencies and Hyperinflation

The biggest danger of the cryptocurrency bubble is not speculator losses but hyperinflation. As the value of virtual currencies increases and they gain acceptance in commerce, the danger of hyperinflation that will damage economies worldwide is also increasing.

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