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Significant Calendar Effect In Cryptocurrencies

Despite a large correction in bitcoin and ethereum year-to-date, significant gains have been realized during two consecutive days of the week.

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You Then Know Something Went Wrong

You know something went wrong when you see and hear the same memes and no original thinking. This time is different because many people can make profits without understanding markets due of economic policies and price level control.

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Highest Returns Are Often Realized During Early Stages Of Bubble Formations

Chasing bubbles during the last stages of their formation results in a much lower return to risk ratio as it is shown below with examples from bitcoin and Amazon stock.

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A Few Bitcoin Statistics and Similarities to Equities

Since January 2011, bitcoin daily returns volatility is 89% while $1 has grown to more than $8,314.  The drawdown profile reflects the speculative nature of this currency and its high risks but some popular large caps went thought similar phases. … Continue reading

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