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Trading and Investing Success Equation

Many traders and investors fail because they are either in a hurry to become rich or underestimate the amount of work needed to achieve their goals. Others fall victims of get rich quick schemes. Success comes by working hard and … Continue reading

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I Ignore All The Noise

There is too much information in mainstream and social media about the markets. The signal to noise ratio is very low as expected. Here is what I ignore.

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Expect More High-Tech Competition

Due to a crowding effect in HFT domain and a continuous decrease in profitability a lot of those firms are now moving to momentum, swing and trend-following domains in an effort to recoup their initial investment. Thus, retail traders and … Continue reading

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How The Media in its Struggle to Kill HFT is Actually Killing the Markets

This is a unique time in the history of mankind because so many get to speak publicly about subjects they do not understand at all and the blogosphere and electronic media is giving them this opportunity. Adversely hit by this high entropy … Continue reading

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