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Trading and Investing Success Equation

Many traders and investors fail because they are either in a hurry to become rich or underestimate the amount of work needed to achieve their goals. Others fall victims of get rich quick schemes. Success comes by working hard and … Continue reading

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Volatility Good For Traders Under Certain Conditions

A popular meme in financial media is that “volatility is good for traders.” But the truth is  different; volatility is good for traders under certain conditions, otherwise it can even be detrimental to performance.

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Some Intraday Futures Trading Realities

In a recent post I demonstrated that frequent short-term and intraday forex trading are negative-sum games when spread is included. In the case of intraday forex trading, this is true even at low spreads. Here I demonstrate that E-mini intraday trading is a negative-sum game … Continue reading

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Fooled by Random Backtesting

Backtesting trading systems on historical data is again becoming popular almost 30 years after it started being used by individual traders due to recent advances in web technology and server speed that allows its online implementation. If one knows what … Continue reading

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Trading Style and Age

Trading style and age are related to some extent. It is not a matter whether one can design and automate intraday medium frequency system but whether the constant research and updating that is required when involved with this trading timeframe can be … Continue reading

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