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What Some Market Timers Are Afraid Of

Book authors, bloggers and even some pundits insist that market timing is easy because it has worked in the past. But the fact is that profits depend on future market behavior. This is what some market timers are afraid of.

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Are Six Months Responsible For All Gains in Stocks Since 2000?

Six months are not responsible for all gains in stock market since 2000. This conclusion in some articles was based on the wrong choice of returns. The correct number is about 32.

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Do Nothing Fund Management: Another Distortion That Will Disappear

Another distortion, courtesy of the low interest rate policy of the Fed, that is now way overextended and serves political goals is the “do nothing fund management.” Market timers are being replaced by accountants because fund management boards think the … Continue reading

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Can The Stock Market Rise Without Stimulus?

The market has lost its momentum after the Fed ended its quantitative easing program. The 42 million dollar question is this: Can the stock market uptrend continue without stimulus from central banks. The answer is: Probably not for long.

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Market Timers Looking Forward To An Orderly Stock Market Crash

Market timers profit at the expense of buy and hold crowd when there is an orderly crash followed by a V-bottom recovery. The chart below demonstrates these facts.

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Market Timers And Gambling

Arguments in favor of market timing usually rest on the existence of the momentum premium anomaly and empirical analysis that shows it can be captured with relatively simple strategies, such as moving averages and price rate of change. However, these … Continue reading

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