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Some people contacted me after the market close about my call yesterday regarding short-term weakness based on a signal from the p-indicator. They also asked me how this indicator is different from other known indicators and what makes it so … Continue reading

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Traders Should Diversify During Rough Times

Even if only one trade out of several bad trades shows a small gain, large losses can be reduced substantially. Here is an example from last week.

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Six Out of Six For P-Indicator

All signals generated by the p-indicator that were included in the premium report of last week generated a profit based on the open of Monday. I was asked by someone who was impressed by the result to comment on the … Continue reading

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The P-Dow Indicator [Premium Articles]

This is an indicator of market short-term reversals often mentioned in Premium reports. The P-Dow indicator is based on the p-indicator and it works like an oscillator: when its value rises above a threshold that usually means that the probability of a … Continue reading

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A Trading System for Eliminating Overnight Risk Exposure

I have started testing a system for trading S&P 500 stocks that completely eliminates overnight exposure by entering all trades at the open and exiting everything at the close. Signals are based on p-indicator scans followed by discretionary filtering. 

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Detrended P-Indicator Results

The p-indicator first appeared in my book “Short-term Trading With Price Patterns” in 1999. It is an advanced indicator based on price patterns that comes in the form of an oscillator and it is a standard feature of Price Action … Continue reading

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