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Quant Trading Without Neural Networks or Genetic Algorithms

Price Action Lab is a tool systematic and discretionary quant traders can use to discover algos that are based on pure price action and thus avoid the problems associated with the use of indicators and their parameter optimization that often leads to curve-fitted performance … Continue reading

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Functions and Capabilities of Price Action Lab Software

This is a brief introduction to the functions and capabilities of Price Action Lab software that is used by systematic and discretionary quant traders. Share

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Software for Quantitative Systematic and Discretionary Trading

Trying to discover an edge by randomly backtesting ideas is equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack. More than 25 years have passed since backtesting software became available to retail traders and the difficulty in finding an edge persists … Continue reading

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PAL v6.0 is Coming

Version 6.0 of Price Action Lab will be the most comprehensive update to the program ever released. It will include several new and useful functions for both discretionary traders and mechanical system developers. More details and a special offer follow. Share

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Software for Quantitative Trading

Quantitative traders use computers and math in an effort to identify and analyze market opportunities. Price Action Lab (PAL) is a software program used by quantitative traders and hedge funds around the world for both systematic and discretionary trading based on price patterns. This article lists the main features of … Continue reading

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