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Announcing Trader Education Blog Section

We are pleased to announce a trader education section in our blog that includes a curated list of free and premium articles about trading, strategy development, risk and money management, backtesting, new indicators and other topics of interest to modern … Continue reading

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Stock Market Returns Are Almost Never Realized Returns

Unless one is fully invested in a single stock or ETF, portfolio returns depend on allocation. In the case of trading, returns depend in addition on risk parameters. Although this sounds trivial, some economists and bloggers do not seem to understand … Continue reading

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Price Action Trading

Price action trading is a trading methodology that, as the name implies, is based on price action. Not surprisingly, as it is the case with many other things, this terminology has been abused and misused by many. Of course, this is a … Continue reading

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Account Undercapitalization is the Primary Cause For Trader Failures

About 11 years ago, I gave a presentation in a conference in New York City as an invited speaker. The audience was mostly comprised of inexperienced traders. A good part of my presentation was on the subject of risk of ruin and proper account capitalization. … Continue reading

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