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When Did The Bull Market Begin?

Permabears complain constantly in social media that this is the longest bull market in stocks for over six years. This is a way of justifying their wishful thinking. When did the bull market really begin? Let us think about it.

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Bulls Should Keep Low Profile – Stock Market Still In Return-Reversion Mode

The quick rebound from the Brexit low caused excitement to bulls and this is understandable. However, the stock market is still in return-reversion mode and it can reverse for exactly the same reasons that it rallies: robots call the shots.

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There Is No Head And Shoulders Pattern in SPY

There are many posts in the blogosphere and social media in the last few days about a head and shoulders top formation in SPY. There is no such pattern formation.

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The Market Is More Efficient During The Day

It could be that the market is more efficient during the day since 100% of the gains in SPY ETF are due to overnight changes. In fact, since inception, SPY has lost about 38 points during regular trading hours as … Continue reading

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Year-To- Date SPY Absolute Price Series Momentum Performance

Absolute price series momentum woes in the equity markets continue this year. Only one of the four models considered shows positive performance in SPY.

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Year-To-Date Performance Of Three Mean-reversion Strategies

Year-to-date performance trading the SPY ETF:  Popular RSI(2) system -2.9%, WR2 system +8.19% and PSI system -0.5%. More details with charts are included below.

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