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Amibroker Code For Three Indicators [Premium Articles]

Amibroker code for three indicators that have appeared in premium articles and analysis. For access to premium content, you must be a subscriber. Please login if you are already a subscriber or subscribe to continue reading…

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Markets Will Crash With The Help Of Some Selection Bias

My New Year’s resolution is to stop listening to biased analysts. Here is a brief recap and a recent example of an “ominous indicator.”

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What Price Action Cannot Tell You

Price action cannot say much about many important issues that are of concern to investors and traders although some mistakenly think it can.

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Technical Analysis Has Contributed To A Massive Wealth Redistribution

Classical technical analysis has contributed to the largest non-violent wealth-redistribution in the history of mankind. Modern technical analysis is not doing any better.

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Inferences From Technical Indicators About the Stock Market May Be Invalid

Technical traders ought to be very careful with any inferences made from technical indicators about the future course of the stock market. The reason is that indicators may be out of whack due to market manipulation and invalidation of technical … Continue reading

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