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When Speculators Believe They Are Value Investors

One of the worst side effects of the V-bottom fueled market of 2014 is that many stock market speculators now believe that they are value investors and this disillusioned group includes passive index trackers who have either not learned from … Continue reading

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When Money Talks, TA Walks…

Bonds will do what is dictated by money flow. When money talks, chart patterns, technical indicators and wishful thinking walk… Share

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More on the Correlation Between Stocks and Gold

After 2009, each time the correlation between stocks and gold turned negative, stocks rallied to new short-term highs. However, the number of observations is not significant and this pattern may change if key players change their strategy. The fact that there was … Continue reading

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Gold Prices Plunge But Find Technical Support

Spot gold prices plunged yesterday after a failure to stay above $1,700 per ounce, a move that was assigned high probability in a recent post. Prices found technical support at the 200-day moving average near $1,661 per ounce. The question now is … Continue reading

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Short Squeeze and Bear Slaughtering in Progress

Life will not be easy for bears even if in the market will resume its downtrend. These violent short squeeze sessions like the one we had yesterday inflict too much pain on bears. Anyone who can just spot a bearish or bullish longer-term pattern … Continue reading

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