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A Warning to all Bloggers Who Provide Market Analysis

This is a warning to all fellow bloggers who provide free market analysis: Be wary of anyone who appears eager to learn from you because it may be a trap and you may get into trouble if you are not registered with the authorities.

Yesterday I got another email from an individual who has been bombarding this blog with emails lately asking all sorts of questions. I know who this individual is, which group he belongs to and his real feelings about me, which are documented in a series of posts he has made in other blogs. If you are puzzled, I will only say that some people hate me for having said the obvious, which is what countless other traders and even academics have said before me, i.e. that technical charting does not work nowadays. Since the purpose of the blog is educational, I am trying to pass this message to new traders and alert them that they should not rely solely on chart patterns but take into consideration a wide variety of methodologies in their trading.

This particular individual tried hard to extract personalized advice from this blog in terms of a specific investment for a specific risk parameter range. For example, he asked this blog to tell him when to buy a certain security for the purpose of risking x% of this account.

I am 99.99% certain that this attempt to extract personalized advice from me was orchestrated by a certain malicious individual with who the person that contacted this blog is associated. This Nazi-style behavior and attempt to destroy and exterminate someone for just having a different opinion shows unprecedented decadence from the part of those who think and behave that way.

If you are a blogger who provides market analysis, you must ignore any emails asking you to provide personalized advice, no matter how nice the people who send them to you sound. Block the person’s email and IP and make it clear in your legal disclaimer that you do not provide such advice.

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