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This is the Best of All Possible Words

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (July 1, 1646 – November 14, 1716) believed that this is the best of all possible worlds. In his 1710 essay Théodicée he argued that the actual world is the best of all possible worlds. Although Leibniz was criticized by pessimists and nihilists for his views in this area in my opinion he was able to foresee the stunning advancements in science that would open the door to countless possibilities. So what is wrong nowadays?

Never before in the history of mankind was knowledge so freely available to anyone who desires to use it for own advancement and also for the benefit of mankind. Thanks to the World Wide Web and companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!, just to name a few, information about anything thinkable is a mouse click away. Yet, it is quite disturbing that large parts of the population, especially in Southern Europe, demand that the State acts as an employer of last resort, they are unwilling to be involved with innovation and their only dream in life is a public service job. This is really puzzling and the results are evident in many countries in Europe that seek to reestablish the failed regime of Socialism, according to which the accumulated wealth of those that have worked hard is redistributed to those who think that maintaining a standard of living is a right, not an obligation of citizens.

It is mind boggling that so many young people in European countries take it to the streets to demand jobs from the State at a time when this is not just the best of possible worlds Leibniz argued to be but it is the ultimate environment for entrepreneurship, private enterprises and all sorts of innovations. Someone could go for days, even for months, trying to analyze the causes of this mass behavior but the essence of it is that this attitude does not only hurt those that adopt it but also those who try to generate the tax revenue so that the State can serve as an employer of last resort. It is a vicious circle and the only way to stop is for all countries to declare that this cannot go for any longer and that only those who are in real need and have unfortunately impairments will be supported by the State. But we see politicians in Europe promising redistribution of income and easy solutions for stealing votes and that is a real problem for the rest of the world that is truly taking advantage of the fact that we not only live in the best of all possible worlds but this is possibly an unprecedentedly good period in the history of mankind as far as opportunities available to people.

The spill over effect from the South European denial for progress can create a spillover effect into other countries with very negative consequences for the future of the world. Only determined leadership can stop this phenomenon.

P.S. I promised no more economics the other day but I could not resist the temptation due to developments in Europe. I apologize for that and there will be no more of this stuff for this month.

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