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Giving Credit Vs. Plagiarizing

There are bloggers who give credit to other bloggers for their work while some others are involved in plagiarism. This is the reality of the blogosphere.

Failure to quote the work where you got an idea from is a bad sign. It often shows lack of education and ethical standards. The plagiarists of the blogosphere are not possibly aware that there are tools to monitor their acts. They also do not realize that in such a highly populated environment, their acts are reported by others to the owners of the idea. Some take extra steps to make sure that their blogs do not appear to copy anyone but the patterns of posting provide ample evidence. What is puzzling is that these plagiarists do not realize that it is to their own benefit to quote the original source of the idea and that shows to their readers that they have a wide spectrum of sources and a network.

There are those who provide liquidity to the blogosphere and the plagiarists who remove liquidity by discouraging their victims to offer new ideas. I know of a few bloggers that have either quit or are not offering any longer new ideas because they were disgusted with the plagiarism. I had the same experience several times in the past and also recently. One shameless individual went to the extreme of removing my name, links and other proprietary information from my posts, presenting them as his. There is another individual who visits my blog daily for fresh ideas. Then, he adds some more analysis and posts it in a major financial website without offering any credit.

These disgusting acts will not stop me from offering liquidity to the blogosphere. However, I may have to change the way I do that. In the meantime, I thank all those who have quoted my work in their blogs.

Michael Harris