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Announcing DLPAL S: Quantitative Trading For All

After receiving numerous requests for it, we are pleased to announce DLPAL S. This software offers quantitative trading functionality at very low cost.

We have finally released a version of Deep Learning Price Action Lab (DLPAL) that offers only strategy development and code generation at a very low price.

With DLPAL S traders can develop unlimited strategies for any market based on parameter-less features (price patterns.) DLPAL will write the code for testing the strategies in Tradestation, MultiCharts 7, Amibroker, NinjaTrader 7 and also Quantopian platform.

DLPAL S comes with the powerful tools for validating strategies: Robustness tests and Portfolio backtests. There is a rich set of tools for file conversion, data partition, price series analysis, random strategy simulation, position size determination and several others.

For a product comparison table click here.

If you have any questions or comments, happy to connect on Twitter: @priceactionlab

You can download a demo of DLPAL S from this link. For more articles about DLPAL S and DLPAL PRO click here.

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