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Performance Of Premium Signals And Mean-Reversion Strategies

Below are performance results for our Premium Signals and Mean-Reversion strategies.

Premium Signals 

Premium signals are generated by ADAPT, an adaptive long/short trend-following strategy, and ETF4R, a long-only ETF rotation strategy. (click here for more details.)

Year-to-date performance as of April 28, 2017

Strategy Return*
ADAPT +6.96%
ETF4R +3.74%

*Performance is net of $0.01 per share commission with no leverage.

Mean-reversion Strategies

Mean-reversion signals are generated by four long-only strategies trading SPY in daily timeframe. (click here for more details.)

Year-to-date performance as of May 3, 2017

Strategy Return*
MR0 -0.23%
MR1 +3.10%
MR2 +1.45%
MR5 +3.06%

*Performance is net of $0.01 per share commission with no leverage.

We are aware of the fact that there are newsletters that promise huge returns. In some cases there are issues of lack of knowledge of how to properly calculate returns and ignorance of position size and capital constraints.

“How is position size calculated? If there is no clear indication of how this is done, you are probably dealing with a clueless individual who has little connection to actual trading.”

For more details click here.

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