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Plagiarius And Other Wannabes

The trend is alarming: some produce original ideas and research and some copy them. This was not possible in the days of printed press. This is a dark side of the internet and social media. My solution for dealing with plagiarists.

Plagiarius (Latin): a kidnapper, a plagiarist

Not long ago plagiarists were easier to identify because everything was under the control of editors. Nowadays, someone writes a piece based on an idea of another person presents that as own idea in blogs and social media without providing credit. This is possible because of democratization of publishing. If that person works for a big firm, then he is hailed as a genius while the source of the idea remains unknown and complaints are never heard or met with irony: “Who are you to question the genius of Mr. or Dr. Plagiarius?” Yet, Mr. or Dr. Plagiarius spends all day talking to media while the poor and never acknowledged is working hard to come up with new ideas in hope that one day will be recognized.  In most cases that day is not even after death. For the lucky ones is close to death.

I notice every day plagiarism and I have been the victim of it many times. Even more disgusting was the incident of someone copying one of my articles on data-mining bias but giving credit to another person in an unethical attempt of creating distraction.

Recently I fell again victim of plagiarism. I have been watching this particular Plagiarius who is so good at what he does so that his abilities have secured him a job in fund management. He takes notes of good ideas and then publishes articles a few weeks or even months later without offering any credit. He is careful not to like the original idea so no one will know if he knew it. Essentially, this moron is building a career on the back of other people. Surprised? I am not. In math classes in high school and college 20% of students studied and 80% tried to copy the answers during exams. Most of those who never studied and managed to get away with plagiarism are doing much better than those who studied hard. Why? Because they have criminal minds and spend all day thinking of ways to deceive people rather than to study or work. They are the lowest type of life forms but in a democracy this behavior usually goes unpunished.

I would not care if plagiarism occurred every few months. But now it is more frequent and this is becoming annoying. The latest incident a few days ago was more that I could tolerate. The solution is obvious. I will concentrate on my premium content and software. By the way, some are now trying to plagiarize my software. They will fail because they lack the intelligence required to produce anything of value. When time comes they will get an appropriate response but I leave them first work hard so that damage to them will be maximum when the time comes.

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