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Announcing The Release of DLPAL S v2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of DLPAL S v2.0. This new version includes a few enhancements and a fully updated manual.

DLPAL S is a low cost minimal version of DLPAL PRO that offers a function for developing trading strategies based on parameter-less features. The features are not pre-programmed in the software as it is naively done by some other software programs but are identified for every price series using advanced unsupervised machine learning techniques. Even more important is the fact that the output of DLPAL S is completely deterministic for same input and parameters.

DLPAL S may also be used as a training tool for trading strategy development for new quants. The program identifies strategies, writes code for four popular platforms and provides tools for performing a number of validation tests for evaluating the robustness of the results. 

Below is an example of results for XIV strategies (more details can be found from this article)

The 28 strategies may be combined in a single strategy and tested with out-of-sample data, as shown below:

You can download a demo of DLPAL S from this link. For more articles about DLPAL click here.

The price of a personal license of DLPAL S is only $995 for the first year and if it is renewed for a second year at the same guaranteed price, then it is converted to lifetime. Click here for more details.

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