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Sell Subscriptions to Technical Analysis and Make a Fortune

In this article I show how you can develop a membership website to sell technical analysis. It is much easier than you think and anyone can do it. You can do it too with an investment of less than $200.

I will explain why I do this at the end but before that understand that anyone can appear as technical analyst nowadays since all the information required is readily available in the web for free.

This is what you need in this order:

1. Register a domain name: Cost about $15/year

This takes only a few minutes. There are many places where you can register a domain name, GoDaddy comes to mind.

2. Buy web hosting. Basic hosting costs about $50/year

There are many web hosting companies. A low rate for starters is about $4/month. Make sure you get unlimited bandwidth otherwise it will cost you a lot more.

3. Upload WordPress to your new website. Cost: free

In most cases you can do that with a click of mouse from the web hosting cpanel.

4. Select a theme from wide variety.  Cost: free or about $50 -$100 for a fancy theme.

You can also use the standard WordPress themes and that has certain advantages because they are compatible with the core of the software. There are thousands of themes in the market and often searching for one can lead to frustration.

5. Buy a membership site plugin. Cost: about $100

There are several of those in the market; just make sure they are compatible with your theme. Most are compatible with the core themes of WordPress.

6. Register a PayPal account

This may take a while but it is a necessary step.

7. Upload a few more free plugins and there you go. You now have a membership site

There are some plugins you will need for security, login, etc.

For someone experienced with website development this can take about a day. For people like me it takes maybe a few days working a few hours a day, step-by-step. You can also hire someone to do it for you and cost varies. You get what you pay for.

There are also websites that provide everything to you and you only need to setup an account to start your own domain and membership site but they charge a monthly fee. For starters this may be the best solution because they take care of all details including security, compatibility of themes with plugins, etc. For example, some themes will not work well with some membership plugins. Check with the developers first.

Now that you have the site and ready to accept subscribers, you need to create content. You have an idea of what others do but this is the most effective way to go about it and, believe me, this is what most of those analysts do:

8. Use free charting websites with stock screeners to identify stocks with patterns

An example is They do a good job and they provide lots of free information. Actually most of the analysis you see in social media and websites comes from sites like that. They tell you which stocks have formed a head and shoulders, trade near trendline resistance, have a triangle formation, etc. You do not have to do anything basically, no work at all; they do it for you. Then you can write articles about those stocks and appear smart to an audience of clueless followers. Yes, you can be a technical analyst for free.

9. Use smart PR schemes

Be audacious and nearly insulting. Write things like this in Twitter and Facebook:

“If you are not long stocks, you are crying now” or better “If you are not long tech stocks, you are an idiot.” Marketing 101: the more intimidated the customer feels, the higher the chances you get the business.

Post pictures of places you are supposed to visit on vacation although you have never visited them. Talk about how you are approached by mainstream media to talk about markets. Post photos next to a fancy Italian car although you have no idea who its owner is. Marketing 102: cognitive dissonance works.

Now, if you have some money to invest with mainstream media, you can get yourself invited to TV shows and this will boost your prospectsTho exponentially. You can also join some websites that provide technical analysis to poor souls and get significant exposure. Make sure that your videos show many screens to impress the public.

10. Get a nice professional photo to put on the home page of your website where you look more of a rocket scientist than an ordinary person and you have that strange, promising smile on your face. Make sure they Photoshop all the unnecessary noise.

You are now ready

Now you are ready to sell technical analysis subscriptions. Make sure you always throw names of famous technical analysts in social media and talk about the books you have read. You are on the way to the top.

Of course, most people will not do these things and I have mostly described above what some of those frauds do who lack ethical standards. But this is the reality of the business. Like me, most people believe in hard work. Writing an article about a stock that is trading above some trendline or moving average is stupid or even unethical, or both. But many do it. Very few have been successful with that but we do not know whether they are just statistical outliers. The majority is idiots who think a line or pattern formed on a chart has information about the future without knowing its statistical properties. Technical analysis has mostly acted as a wealth-transfer mechanism from naive traders to market professionals. Read my interview for Forbes for more details.

In my membership site I mainly provide systematic signals for informational purposes only. The trading systems took many years to develop and test. I consider unethical to post a chart with a triangle on it and claim that if prices move below the base the stock price will fall. No one knows what prices will do in the context of those patterns because no one knows the expectation and probability of win of those setups; it’s all wishful thinking. Systematic trading is something different and requires a lot of work and analysis but success is not guaranteed even in that domain. Profiting from the markets is constant struggle with market forces and yourself. Markets change and you have to adapt. Talking about head and shoulders in times of algo-driven markets where 80% of the volume is caused by computers trading based on statistics is naive and possibly very stupid.

Now, if many decide to provide technical analysis as a service, the profit potential of all those naive analysts may be diluted finally. This is one of the reasons for this material to show how easy it is to offer a technical analysis membership website for a little money down. In my case, I will never have many subscribers by choice because although it’s 2018 still not too many people understand the value of systematic trading and fewer actually want to employ it. My weekly reports help me to maintain my discipline and keep everything in order. When I write a report for just a few subscribers it’s not financially rewarding as a subscription service but highly rewarding for personal development.

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