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DLPAL software

DLPAL LS for Professional Traders and Hedge Funds

DLPAL LS is a software tool for professional traders and hedge funds to facilitate the development of long/short strategies.

DLPAL LS is used by professional traders and fund managers around the world to develop directional and long/short trading strategies using the features generated by the program.

DLPAL LS uses primitive attributes of price action to extract features types in an unsupervised learning mode. Then, the program uses the extracted features in supervised learning mode to identify long and/or short candidates in a universe of securities. The identification is based on the set of calculated features and the user has flexibility in ranking the results according to their values. The output of the program can be used to execute trades or it can be saved in csv format and used in conjunction with trading platforms for automatic execution. For articles with examples click here.

Below is an example of the output of the program using weekly feature for Dow 30 constituent data as of October 26, 2018, for top 6 long and bottom 6 short stocks:

Historical values of the features are generated for any number of securities along with target and score files for machine learning applications. In addition, updates of historical feature files occur at a click of the mouse.

Offer to professional traders and hedge funds

Retail price is $12K for three years plus $3,000 per every two years after the third year for license renewal, maintenance and support.

Special offer price: $5,995 for two years plus $2,000 per year after the two first years for license renewal, maintenance and support.

Note that a limited number of licenses of v4.0 of DLPAL LS will be made available for sale under this offer. Furthermore, this is a one-time offer and will be terminated without notice.

At this point we offer free fully functional demos only to qualified traders and hedge funds at our discretion and based on our own criteria.

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