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GS Largest Weekly Gain Since 2009 Bottom

From open to close of last week, GS gained 16.06%, which is the largest such gain since the week ending on March 3, 2009, near the bottom of the financial crisis.

Below is the weekly chart of the stock with some return statistics.

On a weekly basis and from close to close the stock gained 14.5% and from open to close gained 16.06%, which is strongest performance since the bottom of 2009.

DLPAL LS software marked GS as long after the close of the week before last week on January 11, 2019, and the stock was included in the long leg of the dollar neutral long/short strategy that trades 6 long and 6 short stocks from the Dow group.

The DLPAL LS output above shows open-close return calculations for all 12 positions in the last column and also average performance, which was 2.08% from open to close and 1.95% from close to close.  GS gained 16.06% from open to close and along with MSFT and CAT in the long leg and two short stocks that provided gains, it contributed to about 2% gain on the week.

The signals of the above dollar neutral, long/short strategy are available in our weekly Premium Signals report. The DLPAL LS software is also available for sale to qualified hedge funds and professional traders.

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