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Significant Changes to DLPAL Software Features and Pricing

We are pleased to announce that Deep search capability in DLPAL S is now a standard feature. In addition, multiple instances are now standard feature with all DLPAL versions.

DLPAL S Deep Search Capability

This capability was offered before as an add-on but from now on it is a standard feature for new customers.

There are 20 clusters to choose from. The Extended and Deep clusters offer four partitions each for use with multiple instances. For more details click here.

DLPAL DQ Scan Capability


The Extended cluster offers two partitions for faster scans with multiple instances.

Multiple Instance Capability

This capability is now a standard feature for all new customers. It allows running multiple instances of the program on same machine to take advantage of cluster partitions. Results from multiple instances can be combined using the Marge option from File Maintenance.


New pricing can be found here.

Updated Demos

Updated demos with the new features were already uploaded. Click here to request a demo version.

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