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DLPAL LS Software with Reduced Functionality

We are pleased to announce that DLPAL LS licenses with reduced functionality are now available to quant traders.

DLPAL LS calculates features that provide a measure of the probability and significance of short-term directional bias of securities. The program also generates historical values of those features for backtesting purposes and train and score files for machine learning. DLPAL LS software is used by professional traders and hedge funds for the development of directional and long/short trading strategies based on fixed algos and machine learning. The results of this software cannot be replicated easily by competition.

The reduced functionality license does not generate historical values of the features for backtesting purposes and train and score files for machine learning but all other functions are included.

With the reduced functionality versions quants can determine the directional bias of any number of securities in daily and weekly timeframes.

What you can do with DLPAL LS

  • Determine the directional bias and significance of any number of securities, stocks, futures, forex, etc.
  • Rank securities according to the calculated features.
  • Output the results for further analysis
  • and much more

Users of DLPAL LS on a reduced-functionality license can upgrade to the full license during the first year and receive full credit for the price paid. During the second year, a 50% credit is offered which decreases to 25% during the third year.

For more details and examples click here and here.

For more information about the reduced license offer and pricing click here.

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