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DLPAL LS Availability Announcement

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, DLPAL LS full functionality trials will no longer be available and there will be no more software sales or renewals of limited-time licenses. Support will continue for all license types, limited and lifetime.

As we transition exclusively to long/short trading amid growing uncertainty in the markets, we have decided to terminate sales of DLPAL LS licenses. This software will only be made available to funds we offer trading strategy development consulting services or remote trading.

As a result the following changes will apply after Monday, March 16, 2020:

-Full functionality DLPAL LS trials will no longer be available. The limited functionality version will be available but that does not offer capability of generating historical values for the features.

There will be no more sales of licenses of any type or renewals of limited-time licenses. Customers on limited-time license may upgrade to lifetime before the March 16, 2020, deadline. This applies only to customers with a valid DLPAL LS license.

Support will continue for all customers until license expiration or for as long as the customer request support in case of lifetime license.

There will be updates to smoothed feature capability only for customers with a lifetime DLPAL LS v5 license. Contact us for details and price since this is not a free upgrade. Updates will be offered strictly until the March 16, 2020, deadline

Note that free upgrade to DLPAL LS v6 requires payment of an annual maintenance fee of $1495. This means that the v5 part of the license is lifetime but v6 requires an annual maintenance fee. If the fee is not paid, then the license will revert to lifetime v5.

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