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A Shocking Experience [Premium]

Myriads of claims are made in social media daily by all sorts of delusional individuals about finance and markets but this experience I had recently was shocking because I could actually listen to people who were making these claims. How my bad experience may turn out to be a rare golden opportunity.

It is different when you see a post in social media with a ludicrous claim about the markets than when you can actually listen to the person making the claim and even see them speaking during real-time video conferencing.

Shortly after joining Twitter, I remember a tweet by someone in November 2011 about the pending collapse of Dow 30 to 4,000. The index was at about 11,200 during that time but the delusional individual drew a line on the chart and claimed the index would fall to 4,000. Since this outrageous claim was made by someone with thousands of followers, Dow 30 has nearly tripled. The followers of the person who made the claim also tripled; this is a peculiar phenomenon. But that was 9 years ago and someone would assume things have improved but no, they haven’t.

Below are details about the shocking experience I had recently and why it alludes to some golden opportunity for the next few years. Access to full article requires premium articles or premium insights subscription.

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