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Trading Strategy Bundle – Volatility, Cross Sectional Momentum and Mean-Reversion

The bundle includes a volatility strategy that trades UVXY long/short, two mean-reversion strategies for Dow 30 stocks, and a high capacity cross-sectional momentum strategy for trading S&P 500 stocks. Strategies are available for sale only to qualified professional traders and hedge funds.

The bundle includes the following strategies:

Strategy Type Timeframe
VOLZ UVXY long/short volatility EOD
ROTM Long S&P 500 equities cross-sectional momentum MONTHLY
MRDJ Long Dow 30 stocks mean-reversion EOD
B2S2 Long Dow 30 stocks mean-reversion EOD

Click on the strategies names above for articles with more details and backtests. We provide the rules of the strategies only. We do not provide code for running the strategies on platforms. Instructions for unlocking the restricted content in the strategies articles above are emailed after payment is received.

For pricing and placing an order contact us. Please include the following:

  • Fund name or professional trader status declaration
  • Your name and position
  • Full address and telephone number
  • Website (if any)

Purchase of the strategies requires acceptance of the terms of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Note that access to VOLZ and MRDJ strategies is available for free to All in One premium subscribers. 

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