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Trading Strategies Bundle: Volatility, Mean-reversion and Breakouts

The bundle includes strategies for volatility, mean-reversion, and breakouts. Below are the details and offers.

VOLZ Volatility Trading Strategy

The strategy trades UVXY long/short in the daily timeframe. All positions are entered at the next open after the signals are generated. This strategy is not data-mined. Volatility adaptation is used to boost returns and then the maximum drawdown is adjusted by applying diversification and risk management.

MRDJ Mean-Reversion Strategy For Trading Dow 30 Stocks

This is a mean-reversion strategy for trading Dow 30 stocks based on price breakouts.

B2S2 Mean-Reversion Strategy For Trading Dow 30 Stocks

This is a strategy for trading Dow 30 stocks with no parameters to optimize and no filters.

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