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Weekly Signals Update – September 20, 2021 [Premium Signals]

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Market Recap and Comments

Stocks (SPY) finished the week with a loss of 0.6%. Commodities (DBC) gained 0.8% after rising as much as 2.9%. Gold (GLD) was down 2% after a failed attempt for a rally. Bonds (TLT) managed to end the week with a gain of 0.5% after rising as much as 2.1% amid increasing volatility. DBC is up the most (+32.8%) year-to-date while GLD is down the most (-8.2%.)

Last week I wrote:

Uncertainty increased in all markets after renewed talk about tapering and a 0.7% rise in producer price index for August. Year-over-year inflation rose 8.3%. Inflation and tapering remain the biggest concerns.

Possible government shutdown due to deficit limit is adding to uncertainty.  A default would mean missing payments to social security and military. Eventually the debt ceiling will be raised but in the meantime the uncertainty may impact markets especially when amplified by mainstream media and various pundits who serve their own agenda.

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