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Trading Strategies For Investors

Please note: None of the strategies listed in this section has been coded or disclosed in a social trading platform. The strategies are proprietary and were not data mined but instead based on sound hypotheses about price action behavior and formation of anomalies in short-term and longer-term timeframes.

Strategy Market(s) Timeframe Strategy Type
ETF4R 4 ETFs Monthly Momentum/Rotation
ADAPT SPY Daily Adaptive trend-following

The ETF4R and ADAPT strategies are not for sale but their signals are offered as part of the Premium Signals service.

 Performance* EFT4R ADAPT SPY B&H
01/03/2017-12/29/2017 +13.2% +21.3% +21.3%

* Performance is based on backtests, it is adjusted for dividends and does not include any leverage. Commissions of $0.01/share are included in all performance calculations. For 2016 performance click hereDisclaimer. 

Equity charts (backtests): 01/03/2007-12/29/2017



Parameter ADAPT ETF4R
CAGR 9.35% 10.79%
Max. DD -23.6% -13.8%
Sharpe 0.63 1.07
MAR 0.40 0.79
Worst year -9.2% (2011) -5.9% (2015)
Best year +37.8% (2013) +29.8% (2011)

Note: While ADAPT lost 9.2% in 2011, the ETF4R gained 29.8% for best performance since 2007. 

All backtests include commission of $0.01 per share.


  • Equity performance is based on backtests
  • All trades are placed at the open of the next daily or monthly bar.
  • The ADAPT strategy uses stops based on technical indicators and equity performance.
  • The ETF4R does not use stops because it is a tactical asset allocation strategy. Investors usually allocate capital to these strategies according to risk preferences.
  • ETF4R is long-only and ADAPT is long and short.
  • Commission of $0.01/share is included in all backtests above. Equity is fully invested except in the case of ETF4R where there are maximum two open positions open with 50% equity allocation.
  • The significance of strategies will small trade samples was verified on large samples using a proprietary analysis method. This concerns only the ADAPT strategy.

Disclaimer: The strategies are provided as educational investment tools for informational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, fitness or timeliness for any particular purposes of any strategy. Under no circumstances the strategies should be treated as financial advice. Before subscribing please read our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

Copyright notice: Any unauthorized copy, reproduction, distribution, publication, display, modification, or transmission of any part of this report is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

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