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Are Some People Able to Predict Market Moves by Seeing Into the Future?

Risk Management

Trading Probabilities and Common Sense

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What Every Trader Should Know About the Win Rate, Profit Factor and Payoff Ratio [Premium Articles]

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Chaos in Technical Analysis and Backtesting – Part I: Close vs. Adjusted Close

Risk Management, Technical Analysis

Bill Gross Sold His Holdings of US Treasuries – What Does Technical Analysis Tell Us About His Move?

Trading Strategies

Time to Hire a Monkey? Not Really

Technical Analysis

A Strange DJI Pattern? Not Really

Trading Strategies

Performance of Three S&P 500 Patterns From My 1999 Book

Technical Analysis

Who Needs the Trading Day? Part Two

Trading Strategies

Who Needs the Trading Day? I do

Trader education

Why Trend Following is Hard – A Quantitative Answer [Premium Articles]

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What is a trading “edge”? – Part II

Risk Management, Trader education

What is a trading “edge”?

Trading Strategies

The Bootstrap Method for Hypothesis Testing: Can it tell us anything we do not know? [Premium Articles]

Trading Strategies

Price Action Trading

Trading Strategies

N-Bar Win Rate of Trading Systems

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